vivo v15 – A Highlight of Modern Technology

Vivo phones have long been known for their innovative technologies and user-friendly features. And with the new generation of these devices, the company has once again presented one of the most sought after smart phones in the market – the Vivo Phone. The new generation of Vivo phones not only offer you amazing features but also come with some of the best technology that can be found on any smart phone in the market today. With the new generation of Vivo phones, you get an advanced octa core processor, which enables you to process powerful apps at lightning speeds.

To add to this, the company also introduces vivo v15 the new Fast Charge system. This special system allows your device to charge extremely fast even when the battery is fully drained. This is because the Vivo Phone uses the patented Juice technology to allow it to use the fast charging system to maximize power efficiency. This innovative power saving feature of the Vivo Phone ensures that you never run out of juice even when the battery is dying. With the innovative fast charging system of the vivo v15, you no longer have to worry about being stranded with dead batteries all over town.

The latest release from the Nokia 8.1 crew promises to satisfy every consumers need when it comes to mobile devices. And this is evident in the new Vivo Phone’s key features such as the brilliant Color View technology, the lifelike display, the super speedy internet access and the ultra touch screen that gives you total control over the keyboard. The vivid color display of the vivo v15 can even be enhanced with manual brightness adjustment and the battery life of the phone is further extended with the Gore touch feature. It also comes with two zoomable camera lenses for the purpose of taking clear and great pictures. If you are planning to buy one of these handsets then there are certain important factors that you should consider before purchase. So here they are.

Camera: One of the most important factors that you should consider while buying a handset is the camera and the vivo v15 has an excellent camera which is complimented by other features such as the Super Cool image stabilization, optical zoom, the panoramic mode, the image texting facility, the facial recognition and lot more. The Nokia 8.1 has a total resolution of 5 megapixels which is much higher than its predecessors which help to enhance the clarity of the images taken. The camera of the Nokia 8.1 can also take videos in high definition. In addition, the rear camera of the Nokia 8.1 can also be used as a camcorder and so you can capture your family events in the best possible quality. While choosing a smartphone that offers these facilities, it is always better to go for a phone which has a huge memory and stores the images properly.

Portrait Mode: Another significant feature which comes with the Nokia 8.1 is the portrait mode. You can easily take a group photo of all your family members and can get an awesome effect using this mode. You can change the facial expressions of your subjects with the help of this mode which has several options which allow you to select the right expressions for the right person. If you want to make the portrait mode more interesting, then you can add a few animated figurines on top of the portrait.

Video Recording: The vivo v15 comes with a complete set of video recording facilities which can record videos at the highest quality and the voice can be enhanced using different techniques such as the blinks and the new wave. Apart from this, the v15 has an amazing motion sensor which helps you take video clips even in dark places and with no flash light. The motion sensor can be activated with a simple tap. However, the video recording facilities of the Nokia 8.1 are a bit basic and there are various other add ons such as the screen capture and the HD voice recorder which can turn into an assistant during your day. The video recording can be stored on internal memory or on external memory. The audio recording can also be saved in external memory if you don’t want to spend money on buying two gadgets for the purpose.